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TACOMEDIC | Mexican TacosTaco Medic is a collaboration of the fresh and vibrant cultures of New Zealand and Mexico. Our flavour formulations come from the Mexican Taco guru , known in Mexico as the Taco Medic. Authentic Mexican Masa Tortillas and Salsas filled with New Zealand’s best produce from land to sea. One man’s passion for Tacos of the highest quality, being shared with the world, starting here in Queenstown New Zealand. 

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All of our tacos are made with fresh, daily-pressed corn masa tortillas. The masa is specially brought in from Mexico to get that wonderfully authentic experience.  All of the tacos on the menu are gluten-free and are prepared with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.





The Fisherman:

The Taco Medic is passionate about his fresh fish tacos, getting out on his boat every morning to drop a line for the day ahead.

In New Zealand he uses the local fisherman who pulls catch off the coast of Dunedin daily.

The fish taco is brought together with a lively tartare – bursting with citrus and then finished with fresh coriander and chilli.



The Bushman: (Unbeatable)

After arriving on the shores of the West Coast of New Zealand the Taco Medic met some interesting characters on his journey to Queenstown, one being a local pig hunter, AKA “The Bushman”, who introduced him to New Zealand’s own suckling sweet pork. Out of this was born the succulent free farmed pork-belly taco.

The belly is slow-roasted for seven hours and then brilliantly matched with a sweet onion reduction, only to be topped-off with a dusting of pork crackling for an unbeatable, melt in your mouth experience.


TACOMEDIC | Vegetarian Taco

The Producer:

New Zealand is an incredible place for fresh organic produce, and the Taco Medic was quick in discovering this. After having spent some time in Central Otago, he realised how blessed Kiwis are with what grows out of the ground here.

The “Producer” is a special taco which took time to bring together in order to achieve  perfection.

Starting out with a classic Mexican black bean spread that has hints of fresh garlic and thyme, combined with a strip of roasted pumpkin and finished with goat feta. This one could potentially turn a carnivore.



The Stockman:

Traditionally in Mexico, beef is marinated in citrus and slow-cooked for almost an entire day to give it a beautifully tender texture.

After meeting a local stockman and discovering the quality of New Zealand beef, the Taco Medic combined the traditional way of preparation using New Zealand’s best quality brisket and created a masterpiece. Chillies and spices are a large part of authentic Mexican cuisine, and for this particular taco the beef is flavoured with one of Mexico’s favourites – the ‘Chipotle pepper’. Finished with some real chipotle crème fraiche and cooled with crisp coriander, this one is a real fire-starter.


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TACOMEDIC | Queenstown, New Zealand





Since the ancient Mayan’s discovery of corn Masa Tortillas over 8,000 years ago, Mexicans have made the preparation of true traditional tacos a labour of love to the people, and their roots run deep into the soil of Mexican culture.

The story of the Taco Medic began in the small fishing village of Puerto Escondido in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Here, he was considered a legend as he made the best tacos through catching the freshest fish and using only the best quality produce.

He selflessly spent time with the village people, passing on his knowledge of his beloved tacos.
He helped them improve their taco making abilities and from time to time, was even known to repair the occasional broken tortilla shell with fresh masa.
Through this he was aptly labelled ‘Taco Medico’ ; in English, ‘Taco Medic’, a doctor of tacos.
Renowned for his fresh fish tacos, he spent a lot of his time out on his boat bringing in fish for that day’s tacos.

One early morning while fishing, the sky darkened and a great Pacific storm rolled in. Lucky not to capsize, he was taken on an uncontrolled month long journey across the mighty Pacific. When the storm finally cleared, he drifted with a current for many days, eventually washing up on an unfamiliar coast line. Very tired and weak, he desperately searched for a Taqueria to replenish himself.

Approaching the nearest eatery, he realised he was no longer in Mexico. He had landed on the shores of New Zealand, where there was no Taqueria. Deeply saddened by this realisation, he took it upon himself to introduce his beloved way of eating to New Zealand. Through meeting the generous local people of the land, who introduced him to its vast and abundant fresh food, the Taco Medic came up with an idea of blending the best of the two food cultures. With this glorious epiphany, a menu was born. He began his journey of introducing tacos to New Zealanders, then on to the rest of the world through the Taco Medic truck.

It just so happens, that he has started this revolution in the majestic town of Queenstown. It also just so happens, that his tacos are indeed off the charts epic.




23 Brecon Street | Queenstown | New Zealand
10:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Sunday




1 Searle Lane | Queenstown | New Zealand
12:00pm – 9:00pm Monday to Sunday












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